Monday, July 10, 2006

Cold Fun in the Summertime!
Sometimes creating your own ingredients, whether as simple as a flavored syrup or as complicated as a particular liqueur, means ending up with enough of it to have more than is necessary for the drink or event that you made it for. That's usually the case of the "Ginger Infused" simple syrup I make for my Dark and Stormy. So I decided to try to come up with a recipe to help use more of it so that I didn't have it around too long after all the Goslings was gone. That's how I came up with...

My Yellow Ginger Lei
1.5 oz. Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum
2 oz. Unsweetened Pineapple Juice
.5 oz. Ginger Infused Simple Syrup

Pour all ingredients into a shaker half filled with cracked ice, shake thouroughly and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Yummy! It's sweet, of course, but has a bit of a spark as well from the ginger as. You may find that you want to cut the syrup back to .25 ounces if you find this recipe to be beyond your sweetness threshold.

What's That I'm Listening To?
"My Yellow Ginger Lei" by John Kameaaloha Almeida. It's a ukulele instrumental, so you don't get to hear the words, but I think it's a marvelous version. It comes from his album "Strum Your Ukulele" so keep your eyes out for it in the thrift shops. Perhaps you'll get lucky and bump into it someday. In the meantime, go ahead and make yourself a cocktail, kick back in your patio lounge and listen to this song:


johnny dollar said...

hey i was drinking dark and stormies with vern just last nite. excellent presentation / photography - !

RangeRaver said...

very nice vic - how about some new twists on the Dirty Vodka Martini - i like using a little of the juice from a jar of chilli or garlic olives - what's your thought

yockey said...

los angeles / wild gift are back up. thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

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